Drachen *SIGNED*

STEER, Dugald, ANDERSON, Wayne (Illustrator). Drachen. Munchen: arsEdition, 2004.

Hardback. Condition: as new. First edition, signed by the illustrator, Wayne Anderson.


Dugald Steer



Drachen Synopsis

The fictional premise of this book is that it is a facsimile of a lost work originally printed in 1895 and supposedly written by a dragonologist named Dr. Ernest Drake, with the current publisher being unable to determine the truth of the matter. It presents the research and findings of Dr. Ernest Drake on the dragons of the world, their biology, behavior, and history of their interactions with humans. The book is vastly illustrated and contains a number of smaller, additional texts and tactile ‘specimens’ such as dragon scales, wing membrane, and dragon dust.

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About Dugald Steer

Dugald A. Steer was born in 1965 and lives in Surrey. He has written a large number of books and is the author of the hugely successful Ology™ series that includes Dragonology™ and Monsterology™ (writing as Dr. Ernest Drake), Egyptology (as Emily Sands), Wizardology™ (as the wizard Merlin!), Pirateology™ (as Capt. William Lubber) and Mythology (as Lady Hestia Evans), as well as the Ology™ handbooks, model packs, field guides and the DragonologyPocket Adventures.

About Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson is a British artist and illustrator, best known for his fantasy and children’s books. Wayne exhibits in galleries worldwide.

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